what is the point of bloggingI’m sure by now, even if you haven’t produced one, you know what a blog is and will have read one.

It isn’t a very helpful term, but then to be honest, neither is ‘social media’ to describe the sum of human interaction on the Internet. Blogging is just a jargon word that means, sharing your knowledge online in written form.

So it could be called thought sharing or writing an article.


The question we are often asked is, why is blogging so important? Well blogging, or sharing your thoughts, news, ideas etc. By writing them down and distributing them isn’t new.

Before it was done online, you could produce a pamphlet and distribute it. Or if an editor thought you were especially interesting, would ask you to write for their newspaper or magazine.

The growth of blogging has come from its ease. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do it or incur the cost of getting it printed and distributed.

Back in 2005, Business Week magazine ran a special issue on blogging and pronounced that blogging was no longer a “nice to have” but an essential element of modern business. Since then, the online marketing company HubSpot has carried out several studies on how companies get their business.

The latest Hubspot report confirms – once again – that written material is fundamental and that blogging is the main way in which companies generate leads. Indeed, the report shows that “inbound marketing” – blogs, social media, search marketing – produces twice as many leads as traditional marketing.

On top of that, each lead costs less. For instance, in companies employing up to 25 people the average cost of generating a lead from “ordinary” marketing is around £64 whereas leads produced from blogs cost only £23.

You don’t have to be a genius to see that winning new business from blogging is much more profitable.

The biggest issue with of all forms of online marketing is the assumption that it is quick win. People in business often give up just before they make a break through. I have seen this in paid search (Google AdWords), social media and indeed blogging.

If any of these approaches to your online marketing aren’t working, take a step back and look at what you have learned. Can you develop the ideas of your blogs more? Do you know what your clients are searching for? Are you combining all the pillars of online marketing?

It might seem like you whistling into the wind, just posting an article on your website. In fact, you may prefer to go and meet potential clients, have a stand at trade shows, get on the phone. But they cost money and the number of sales leads you can produce from sitting at your computer is far greater.

Are you in the group that have done it, but it’s far from regular? Or the group that have a blog, but its not personal or engaging? Or are you in the group that has never blogged at all?

In order to generate the number of leads that the HubSpot report shows you can achieve, you have to blog multiple times each week – and allow at least six weeks of doing this before you begin to see your first results.

Blogging is only dead for those businesses that do not do it properly.

Writing for your business is as old as business itself. It has always been essential for firms to thrive.

People who blog regularly know they generate sales as a result. If you are not generating those leads, then the latest HubSpot report points you in the right direction.

Do more blogging and you will generate more sales leads at a lower cost to your business.

And if you are unable to do it yourself – ask us for help.