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Like it or not social media is here to stay and if you want to be seen both online and offline you need to be marketing via social media
Promoting your business has moved on to a new marketing format Facebook , Twitter and blogging are here to stay. Twitter not only allows you to freely promote your business but is also the fastest growing search engine. Twitter not only comes with a link to your business but usually a referral – good or bad!

Does the thought of Social Media Networking fill you with dread?
Social Media, which is in many ways free or much less expensive than traditional advertising methods can quickly and effectively promote your business.
With the fast growth of Social Media everything has changed.

Scarily a group of online users with their androids are out there ready to make or break your business. Online reviews good or bad are out there in black and white for the world to see.
In 2009, the population of Facebook out grew that of the U.S.A. If Facebook were a nation, they would have 100 million more people than the U.S’s 300 million. The phenomenal growth of Social Media (texting, blogging, networking)has the attention of every major company. Social Media Management has become an essential component in today’s business and a Social Media Manager can help you build a positive presence and increase your customer base.

Do you understand the do’s and the don’ts of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing has its own rules that are very different than that of traditional marketing. Its more about relationship building that pure sales. Getting your campaign right at the very start is the key to a strong and successful Social Media Strategy.

You Need Social Media Marketing! 

Here at FCM Media we have all of the experience and advice you need to embark on this new and exciting online marketing adventure! We offer one to one tuition, start up packages and monthly campaigns all to suit your budget.

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Taryn Johnston

Taryn Johnston

Company Director

Taryn has 12 year marketing experience, specialising in online campaigns and the financial industry.  Taryn is a lecturer at Lincoln University on Social Media.

Taryn – your support for small business is superb


My organisation was well behind when it came to social media, we engaged with Taryn and she listened to our objectives and provided support, suggestions and advice from the get go. We have obviously started from a low base, however we can see growth and footfall to our site as the months progress. Taryn is professional and easy going, despite our minimal knowledge of social media, she is not at all patronising and advises in language we can understand to get the results we aspire.

Rick Nicholls

Taryn is very professional but also very personable. I highly recommend her for social media and web site design and creating a marketing plan which ultimately generated more clients and profit for my business. David Gallagher

Social Media Set Up

2 Platforms
  • Branded Pages (logo, Colour Scheme, Company Details)
  • Consistent Profile Creation
  • Initial Content