When it comes to marketing we’re always very surprised when a client comes to us having started their social media campaign without really thinking about why and what they want to achieve from it. As a result the campaign has usually floundered and the client is left feeling that social media isn’t for them.

Any successful marketing campaign whether online or direct marketing needs a goal.

SMART GoalsNow when it comes to social media there are a huge amount of acronym’s however the one you really need to know here is SMART – your goals should always be:-

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timed

Ask Yourself The Question

Why are you running the campaign? As social media is only the tool perhaps the question should be, what is the end result your hope for your business at the end of the campaign?

Do you want to:-

  • Increase or generate leads
  • Influence Policy or Regulation
  • Increase Reach
  • Increase Credibility
  • Maintain/Develop Visibility
  • Build Stronger Relationships With Business Partners

How Can Social Media Help?

So how best can you achieve this with you social media campaign and what are the objectives you need to set?

Here are some suggestions of the goals you can set for your online marketing:-

  • Gain access to potential clients and consumers
  • Increase lead generation
  • Become a valuable industry resource
  • Increase number of visitors to your website

 So how best can this be achieved and how would you measure it?

By setting SMART targets such as these below you can see how your campaign is working and what areas if any you need to address.

Within 6 months:-

  • Reach 1000 cross platform followers
  • Raise number of website visitors
  • Produce one product related, comprehensive and valuable article per week
  • Establish 5 good relationships with online groups, editors & resource sites.
  • Improve website ranking for designated search term such as “Social Media Training Kent”

Another good trick is to ask yourself & answer the following type of question:-

We want to increase the number of leads generated by website visits. WHY?

Because that will help us improve our portfolio of clients – WHY?

If we increase the number of leads to actual clients we will generate more revenue – WHY?

Because that is what we are in the business of doing.  – RESULT!

We’re always happy to help and for more information please contact us.