FCM Marketing Strategy

Putting your business in front of the right people

When it comes to PR and Media Media Marketing, there is no substitute for knowing who to speak to and when or even how. Releasing your business communications to the wrong place can be a very costly mistake.

Having someone with the right knowledge and contacts will make your business promotion and events a total success.

We have solid and established relationships with the right people, helping your news to be told in local, regional and national newspapers, magazines and across the growing online platforms.

If you have never considered digital and web based promotion as part of your media strategy now is the time to start.

We can help you make your website more attractive to search engines, assist in lead generation, create a fit for purpose social media strategy and give your business the online presence that it deserves.

In this multi media age it is vitally important to shout about your successes and your business strengths, telling potential customers what you can do it the first step to bringing in new business, but you have to make yourself heard and that is where we come in …

At FCM Marketing we have 20 years marketing, PR and media management experience and can help you get your business seen in all the right places !

Taryn and Margot did an excellent job for our Theme Park launch, It was attended by everyone including the Mayor and reported on TV, Press and Radio – Thank you girls and see you again at beginning of next season

Brad Carter