george-osborne-prime-ministers-office-crown-copyright-580x358It is crucial for advisers to show your clients that your advice is based on current information.

There is no better way to do this today than to live tweet as the Autumn Statement progresses or during a relevant television programme.

Here are our Top Tips for running a successful live campaign.

 Let Your Followers Know

The trick to any successful campaign is to tell people what you’re doing and to make them aware that you have the information they need. Especially if you want to make live tweeting work for you.

For example, prior to the Autumn Statement send out several tweets letting your followers know that you’ll be tweeting throughout with up to date news and advice.

Hash It Out

With all of your tweets ensure you use the right hashtag to make your tweets searchable. We recommend #AutumnStatement2015, #budget for this.

Ask for Opinions

You will want to engage in conversation throughout appropriate television programmes and the best way to make this happen is to ask your followers what they think, how is the content of the programme affecting them or do they have a story to tell?

If you simply make statements you are not opening the door to conversation.

Blog Follow-Up

Once the Autumn Statement or programme is over take the time to write a short blog. This can be your opinion on the topic, how you think the changes will affect personal finance or simply condense a summary into bite size chunks for easy reading.

Let your followers know you’re doing this in advance and where and when they can read it!