b2bFor those not too sure of the terminology B2B – Business to Business & B2C – Business to Customer and whilst in reality these are very similar, when it comes to marketing there are several key ways in which they should be approached differently.


With B2B it is ok to use industry jargon and specialist terms, however with B2C, you need to be friendly and keep the potential customer within their comfort zone. Try not to use buzz words or complex terminology which may put people off. There is a knack to making sure that all of your social media reads well for both markets, it is possible and it’s worth taking the time to try.
How To Approach B2B Social Media Differently.
How you approach both sectors is completely different, B2B will be looking for solid information that they can pass up the chain of command but the consumer will be looking for deals and good advice. Try to schedule different types of posts/tweets throughout the day at times to suit both audiences. Your B2B posts for instance will be better received during the commuting hours.

Requirements of B2B Social Media

What is it that your B2B is looking for?
Essentially most B2B’s are looking for the things that will enable them to look professional & efficient within the workplace. They want to prove themselves as a valuable resource to the boss and providing him with good quality, time saving information/products is what they’re going for. The consumer simply wants to be happy with their purchase and feel that they’ve received a good deal.
B2B Decision-making Time

With a B2B as we’ve mentioned there will be a chain of command, this will mean that the buying time will take longer. A consumer will make their decision based on recommendation or by shopping around, their decision may often be spur of the moment if they’re taken by a particular offer online.
Make sure that you follow up both leads but understand that you need to be quick to capture the interest of the B2C but allow time for the B2B’s.

Does Your Proposition Rely on Having a Relationship?

Depending on the product that you offer it may that the consumer becomes a one time buyer from you, in that sense they’re not likely to follow your brand or take the time to build that relationship. B2B’s however will do. The B2B will want to ensure that you can grow with them and that you are prepared to nurture the relationship. Ensure that your marketing campaign offers both. The ease of a one time purchase but the assurance that you can offer a commitment to a long term contract.

Initially it may be difficult to balance the two. Writing website content for instance is another factor to get right if you’re looking to target both markets. Once you’ve achieved this you will benefit enormously from the effort you put in at the beginning as will your lead generation.

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